Affective Disorders Research Database – Information for Researchers

Affective Disorders Research Database – Information for Researchers

Thank you for your interest in the database!

Our overall aim is to streamline the identification and recruitment process for research studies within Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, making things easier for:

  • Patients by increasing awareness of studies and improving opportunities to participate in research
  • Researchers approved to use the database will benefit from easier identification of and access to patients who meet eligibility criteria
  • Clinical care teams will receive a detailed report of the database assessment

As participants on the ADRD have already expressed an interest in participating in research, consent, recruitment and retention levels are significantly improved.

Assessments completed:

The database holds diagnostic information with specifiers, demographic information and all the scores from the assessments. Once approved, you would have access to the database and be able to search for potential patients by diagnosis. You will be provided with their preferred method of contact, and can then contact them directly to invite them to participate in your study.

Main steps for a researcher to become approved to use the database:

  1. Be working within CPFT or have an honorary contract.
  2. Have completed CPFT ‘Good Governance’ training module.
  3. Have completed CPFT ‘The Mental Capacity Act’ training module
  4. The study the researcher wishes to recruit to must have received approval from:
    1. A Research Ethics Committee
    2. CPFT Research and Development

Applying to use the database:

To apply to use the database just fill in the forms below and email them to Dr Caitlin Hitchcock at . Your application will be discussed at the next team meeting and we will let you know the outcome as soon as possible.

Application to use ADRD – Researcher

Application to use ADRD – Project

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