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Chaucer Club Seminar -“The cognitive neuroscience of antidepressant drug action”. 

MRC: Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit Chaucer club will be facilitating a talk by Catherine Harmer (University of Oxford)  on:  “The cognitive neuroscience of antidepressant drug action” Date: Thursday 1st March. 3.30pm Venue: The Lecture Theatre at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, University of Cambridge, 15 Chaucer Rd, Cambridge, CB2 7EF. All are welcome […]

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C2:AD December Seminar

Join us on Friday 1st December for our C2:AD seminar with guest speaker Sarah Halligan from the University of Bath. Sarah will be discussing childhood trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder: the role of socio-contextual factors.   For more information on Sarah’s work, please click here.

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C2:AD Publication!

The Impact of Affective Context on Autobiographical Recollection in Depression. Across two studies we investigated the influence of contextual cues on autobiographical memory recall. In Study 1, participants (N = 37) with major depressive disorder, in episode or in varying degrees of remission, were administered a Negative Autobiographical Memory Task (NAMT) that required them to retrieve negatively valenced […]

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Mental health and Brain Sciences day at Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology

C2:AD staff joined The Cambridge Academy for Science and Technology’s event on the 16th November 2017 for their mental health and brain sciences day! There were a number of speakers, workshops and discussion groups aimed at their students, to bust myths and promote awareness. We even managed to catch our very own Kirsty Griffiths in action!

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C2:AD at CPFT Wellbeing at work event

C2:AD Assistant Psychologist Rachel Elliott (R) partnered up with CPFT Cambridge Adult locality team to share the work we do in Cambridge on World mental health day. C2:AD works closely with CPFT to build synergy between researchers and clinicians and move forward with mental health research.

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C2:AD November Seminar

Join us for the C2AD November seminar with Andy MacLeod (Royal Holloway). Andy will be discussing: “Future-directed thinking and emotional disorders” How people think about their own personal futures is a key component of their well-being and mental health.  This talk will discuss the different kinds of ways that future-directed thinking breaks down in anxiety […]

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In the news!

Mindfulness therapy as effective as anti-depressants The largest meta-analysis so far of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for recurrent depression has found that MBCT is an effective treatment option that can help prevent the recurrence of major depression in those who are currently in remission. The paper was published in the Journal of the American Medical […]

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