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At C2:AD we are very interested in recruiting volunteers to help with the ongoing research projects and to take part in the treatment trials we are running.

We would particularly like to hear from people who are currently suffering from, or who have suffered from, clinical depression or posttraumatic stress conditions such as posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We are also interested in recruiting people who suffer from symptoms of low mood and/or anxiety, but who may not ever have sought help from NHS services.

There is typically a small fee paid to volunteers for research participation, as well as travelling expenses. All participation in ongoing research projects is kept completely anonymous. All research is carried out by trained clinical psychologists and has received full ethical approval.

We are currently establishing a volunteer panel of people interested in taking part in our research, who we would contact from time to time to see if they wish to take part in a particular research project. If you are interested in taking part in our research programme or joining our panel, please contact the acting C2:AD centre manager Caitlin Hitchcock.

Join our Lived Experience Group

We are looking for individuals who have had contact with mental health services for the treatment of anxiety and/or depression to advise on the research conducted by our Cognition, Emotion and Mental Health team. This role is designed to help us understand the perspective of service-users and their carers, and to discuss ways our work could be developed to best meet the needs of individuals who experience the difficulties we research, and are most affected by the services we are seeking to improve. If you are interested in joining the Lived Experience Group please contact Caitlin Hitchcock for more information and for details on how to apply.

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