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The Mind 4 Life Programme – Information for Service Users

The treatment focuses on difficulties that are common across a number of anxiety or mood disorders such as intense emotions, negative thinking, upsetting memories etc. The treatment is broken down in to 10 modules, each covering a separate topic and particular skills. You will decide along with your therapist which modules are relevant to you depending on the difficulties you are experiencing.


These modules include:

Getting Acquainted This module focuses on helping you to understand depression and anxiety, get acquainted with treatment, and set individualised goals for treatment.


Understanding Emotions  – This module focuses on helping you to develop an understanding of the role of emotions, and identify the core components of emotion as well as developing non-judgmental awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and their inter-relationships.


Managing and Tolerating EmotionsIn this module you learn ways to regulate and work with difficult emotions, including relaxation, the use of exercise, distraction and social support.


Behavioural ActivationThis module helps those who are having difficulty in maintaining routines and whose daily activities have been reduced or disrupted by their difficulties.


Tackling AvoidanceThis module helps people to be able to perform activities or enter situations that they have been avoiding due to their mental health difficulties.


Tackling unhelpful thinkingThis module helps you to understand how your thoughts can have an effect on your emotions, behaviour and physical arousal.


Tackling unhelpful habitsThis module addresses unhelpful behavioural patterns, particularly avoidant behaviours, reassurance-seeking, unhelpful emotion-driven communication, and compulsive behaviours.


Overcoming repetitive thinking This module focuses on the process of thinking by training you to shift from a unhelpful rumination and worry to a more helpful style of thinking focused on the specifics of the situation, and on the present moment.


Managing Upsetting Memories and ImagesDifficulties in regulating distressing memories of past upsetting events, are common across the majority of depression and anxiety disorders. This module focuses on therapeutic exercises targeted at changing key distressing intrusive memories.


Augmenting positivity, building resilience, and relapse prevention This module teaches a range of skills to help you to have positive experiences and feel positive emotions in relation to these experiences.


The Emotion Model

The treatment will focus on the emotion model which aims to explain how events, thoughts, emotions and behaviours are linked and can interact to worsen or improve our mental wellbeing.

The treatment aims to teach a number of core skills that will help you to understand and manage how this model is working within your daily life. The treatment will thus give you the tools to improve your mental wellbeing.

If you would like to read more about Transdiagnostic treatments see our reading list.

For more information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

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