Helping to reduce depressive relapse

C2AD researchers (names in caps below) contributed to an individual patient data mega-analysis across all published Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) trials. The paper shows that MBCT is superior both to usual care and to anti-depressant medication as a secondary prevention for depressive relapse in those with a history of recurrent depression. It contributed to MBCT being recommended as a frontline treatment for depression prevention in upcoming NICE guidance (NICE, 2022).

Kuyken, W., Warren, F., Taylor, R.S., Whalley, B., Crane., C., Bondolfi, G., Hayes, R., Huijbers, M., Ma, H., SCHWEIZER, S., Segal, Z., Speckens, A., TEASDALE, J.D., van Heeringen, K., Williams, J.M.G., Byford, S., Byng, R, & DALGLEISH, T. (2016). Efficacy and moderators of mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) in prevention of depressive relapse: An individual patient data meta-analysis from randomized trials. JAMA Psychiatry, 73, 565-574.

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