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C2:AD Seminar Series



March: The cognitive neuroscience of antidepressant drug action. Catherine Harmer  (University of Oxford).

February: Adapting DBT for those with frequent bipolar mood swings. Kim Wright (University   of Exeter).


December: Child trauma and post traumatic stress disorder: the role of socio-contextual factors. Sarah Halligan (University of Bath)

November: Future-directed thinking and emotional disorders. Andy MacLeod (Royal Holloway).

October: Unhelpful Repetitive Thinking and its Role in Postnatal Adjustment. Michelle Moulds (University of New South Wales, Australia)

July: A half-day workshop on: The development and facilitation of an Emotion and Memory group programme for the treatment of Complex PTSD’.  Georgina Clifford (MRC-CBU and London Trauma Specialists).

June: IMAGINATOR: A proof of concept trial of an   intervention for young people who self-harm. Martina Di Simplicio (MRC-CBU and CPFT)

June:  Psychologist CPD Day: Integrating Research into the clinic. C2AD & CPFT.

April: Cost and Outcome of Behavioural Activation   versus Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression (COBRA):A randomised, controlled, non-inferiority trial. David Richards ( University of Exeter)

April: A half-day workshop on Treating Anhedonia. Dr Barney Dunn (University of Exeter) 

March:Using Computational Models to Guide the Development of New Treatments for Depression. Dr Michael Browning (University of Oxford )February 2017: The IMPACT Study: Psychological treatment for depressed adolescents. Professor Ian Goodyer (University of Cambridge)



June: Integrating research and clinical practice within affective disorders. Dr Caitlin Hitchcock (MRC-CBU)

February: Half day workshop on Treatment of Complex PTSD. Dr Georgina Smith (MRC-CBU, The Havens, and London Trauma Specialists)


February 2015: Professor Tim Dalgleish (C2:AD and MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit), Transdiagnostic psychological intervention for mood and anxiety disorders

March 2015: Professor Jennifer Hudson (Centre for Emotional Health, Macquarie University, Australia), Understanding and enhancing treatments for children with anxiety disorders

April 2015: Dr Ben Goodall (MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit), Half-day workshop on treatment of PTSD in young children

June 2015: Dr Colette Hirsch (Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College London), Understanding the cognitive processes that maintain uncontrollable worry in Generalised Anxiety Disorder



May 2014: Dr Rajini Ramana and collaborators (CPFT, Cambridge), The Nottingham-Cambridge-Derby multi-centre clinical trial of collaborative specialist care for treatment-resistant depression: Results at one year and future implications and directions.

 March 2014:  Professor Tamsin Ford (Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, University of Exeter) School mental health or hazard

April 2014: Dr Anna Bevan (MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit). Working with depersonalisation from a cognitive-behavioural perspective workshop

July 2014: Professor Tim Dalgleish (C2:AD and MRC Cognition & Brain Sciences Unit) Mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy to prevent depressive relapse: Outcomes and lessons from the recently completed PREVENT trial

October 2014: Professor Simon Gilbody (University of York). Reboot and reload: Computer-delivered cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) and trial-based evidence

November 2014: Dr Nick Grey (Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma, Institute of Psychiatry)Anything can happen and trust no-one – What I’ve learned from working with trauma and how you can put it to good use

December 2014: Professor Glyn Lewis (University College London) Psychological and biological risk factors for depression



December 2013: C2:AD progress presentation. Dr Tim Dalgleish

October: Dr Rajini Ramana (C2:AD, CPFT, Cambridge), Dr Neil  Hunt (Consultant Psychiatrist; CPFT), Dr Emiliangelo Ratti (CEO NeRRe Therapeutics Ltd) and Dr Mike Trower (CSO NeRRe Therapeutics Ltd). Workshop (1/2 day) -Biological Treatment for Chronic Depression – Current Status and the Future 

September: Dr Paul Ramchandani (Imperial College London). Getting in early – Depression in parents and children

June: Dr David Brent, Assistance for treatment resistance: Lessons from the TORDIA study

June: Workshop (1/2 day) – Professor Emily Holmes (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit & University of Oxford), Dr Martina DiSimplicio (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge) and Dr Simon Blackwell (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge) Mental imagery in cognitive therapy (part I)

April: Professor Mick Power (University of Edinburgh): Emotion focused cognitive therapy

March:  Professor Tim Dalgleish (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit & C2:AD, Cambridge) Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy for recurrent depression: An intervention at a crossroads.

February: Professor Ed Watkins (University of Exeter) Understanding and treating rumination.



February: Professor David Nutt (Imperial College London); Anxiety: Not all in the mind?

March: Dr. Jennifer Wild (Institute of Psychiatry); Preventing PTSD in people regularly exposed to trauma

May: Georgina Smith (MRC CBU & The Haven, Paddington); Treating complex trauma: Half-day workshop

June: Professor Pasco Fearon (University College London); Gene environment correlation in early development and risk for affective disturbance

July: Dr. Paul Wilkinson (University of Cambridge); Treatment of adolescent depression

September: Dr. Patrick Smith (Institute of Psychiatry); PTSD in children and young people

October: Dr. Rajini Ramana, Dr. Richard Moore, Professor Ian Goodyer, Dr. Raph Kelvin, Dr. Paul Wilkinson (CPFT, Cambridge); Preventing and managing treatment resistant depression across the lifespan

December: Professor Shirley Reynolds (University of East Anglia); OCD in children and young people


February: Dr. Barney Dunn (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit); Learning How to Feel Good: Understanding and Treating the Anhedonic Symptoms of Depression

March: Dr. Laura Hoppitt ( University of East Anglia); Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM): A New Way to Treat Anxiety and Depression

March: Dr. Jan van Niekerk (Adult Mental Health, Cambridge); New Ideas in Cognitive Therapy for OCD

May: Prof. Chris Brewin (University College London); Recent Developments in the Study of PTSD

June: Dr. Tim Dalgleish & Dr. Richard Meiser-Stedman (MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit); PTSD and Children (one day workshop)

July: Dr. Maria Watson (North Shore Anxiety and Stress Clinic, Vancouver, Canada); Hoarding & Clutter: Maximizing the the Benefits of CBT

September: Dr. Deborah Lee (Berkshire Traumatic Stress Service); Using Compassion to Work with Shame Based Flashbacks in PTSD – Theoretical and Clinical Considerations

October: Dr. Catherine Harmer (University of Oxford); Antidepressants and Emotional Processing

November: Dr. Richard Moore (CPFT, Cambridge); Treatment Resistant Depression (one day workshop-participants)

December: Dr. Sam Cartwright-Hatton (University of Sussex); “They May Not Mean To, But They Do”: Helping Anxious Parents Raise Confident Kids


February; Prof. David Clark (Institute of Psychiatry, London); Developing and disseminating effective psychological treatments for anxiety disorders: Science, policy and economics.

March; Dr Richard Meiser-Stedman (MRC CBSU); Post-traumatic stress disorder in children and adolescents: Is there a role for early intervention?

April; Dr Cathy Cresswell (University of Reading); Towards a stepped care approach to the treatment of childhood anxiety.

May; Dr Tim Dalgleish (MRC CBSU and C2:AD); Lost in translation: The basic science – clinical practice dialogue.

June; Prof. Ian Goodyer (Dept. of Psychiatry, Cambridge and C2:AD); Treatment of depressed adolescents

September; Dr. Warren Mansell (University of Manchester); Bipolar Disorder Workshop

November; Dr. Alison Jenaway (CAMH, Huntingdon & Liaison Psychiatry Team, Cambridge); Using Cognitive Analytic Therapy in Liason Psychiatry

December; Prof. Paul Gilbert (Mental Health Research Unit, Derby); Depression and compassion focused therapy.


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