Affective Disorders Research Database

Integrating research and clinical practice within affective disorders.

All partners within C2:AD are working together to create a list of people with experience of affective disorders who would like to be contacted about research studies that may be suitable for them. The ADRD is a secure database and is only accessible to pre-approved staff.

The overall aim of this database is to streamline the identification and recruitment process for research studies by making these research studies accessible. So far, the Database has successfully been rolled out into the Adult Locality Teams in Cambridge and Huntington and Cambridge Psychological Wellbeing Service. We are aiming to expand the database with your help to recruit as many participants as possible and are increasing the number of researchers able to access it to expand the range of studies available to participants.

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If you have any questions about the Affective Disorders Research Database, please contact:

Forvie Site, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, CB2 0QQ

Tel:01223 355294
DL:01223 273779

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